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It describes the nature of acute, half-acute and chronic miasms with their related spectrums of microorganisms. This information is codified in the sine wave model which depicts the evolutionary pattern of the miasms with their keynote symptoms. The second part of the book contains an analysis of psora and its treatment. Thuja is one of Hahnemann's discoveries. Most of the remedies of his materia medica had been known in a fashion before his time. Of the therapeutic properties of Thuja practically nothing was known till Hahnemann proved it. Subsequent observers have only confirmed or added to Hahnemann's pathogenesis. Materia Medica Multiple Choice Questions. 1.Delirium with. Define antipsoric. Antipsoric as a adjective means (medicine) Effective against the itch. Definition Antipsoric herbs are those herbs which are used to cure Itching. Repertory Most Effective Aloe Vera Club Moss Hepar Sulphuris Oyster Shell Psorinum Sulphur Zinc Highly Effective Alumina Arsenicum Album Belladona Bittersweet Graphite Honey Bee Kali Carbonicum Magnesium ... Strychnos ... Effective Ammonium C... Anthracinum Argentum N. 2010. 6. 3. · Dr. Ankireddy’s clinic treats Chronic, deep-seated health problems from cold to cancer, an autoimmune disorder with his own approach. Here we provide the best homeopathy. Gunpowder – Healing the Homeopathy way! Whenever Gunpowder (Homeopathy) is indicated in a case, a keyword comes in our mind “healing”. This remedy is known by several common names such as Black powder, Brown powder, Carbon-sulfur-kali-nitricum, Poudre a canon, etc. Historically, its is a black or brown substance consisting of an intimate. 2022. 10. 6. · As precisely as Hahnemann, Ewald Stöteler is able to discover the valuable and specific timeline in the development that Hahnemann went through, during the development of.

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A small pellet of one of the highest dynamizations of a medicine laid dry upon the tongue, or the moderate smelling of an opened vial wherein one or more such pellets are contained, proves itself the smallest and weakest dose with the shortest period of duration in its effects. 2007. 3. 7. · back to aphorsim 64, 69. ANTIPATHY AND HOMOEOPATHY . ANTIPATHY. Antipathic treatment- modus operandi. Here the medicinal symptoms with which physician.

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