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Individuals waste controlled substances into sinks, toilets and sharps containers. HCWs are asked to witness and document or attest that the wasting occurred. No matter the place and. For small amounts: Pick up with absorbent material (e.g. sand, sawdust, general-purpose binder). Dispose of absorbed material in accordance with regulations. For large amounts: Pump off product. Place absorbed material in the same container as the spilled substance/product for disposal. Blue medical waste containers are designated for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste (full and partially used). Items to include in these bins are: The bins are typically blue but sometimes also include white on the bin. These can also go by the name: “pharmaceutical waste containers.”. Any drug labeled with “special handling required. The original PI or Department that obtained these DEA substances is responsible for the proper disposal. Contact EHRS at 215-707-2520 if the original PI or Department is unknown or not available. Related Information DEA Contact Information Philadelphia Field Division William J. Green Federal Building 600 Arch Street, Room 10224.

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Investigational Drug/Pharmaceutical Substance Disposal (non-DEA controlled substance) 2 August, 2016 An SAA can be a designated space in a locked cabinet, or it can be created by placing the disposal container into a. SECTION 7: Handling and storage. SECTION 8: Exposure controls/personal protection. Distribution of substance. Formulation & (re)packing of substances and mixtures. Use as a fuel. Disposal Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

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