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And in DuPage County a person can only apply for court supervision by mail once per 12 months - the second one will require the person to hire an attorney or appear in court personally to.

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We recommend asking Circuit Court Clerk of the county in which you received your ticket when your supervision ends. If your supervision ends after your your court date, you can show up to court and ask for a continuance. With any luck, that it will push it beyond your supervision end date. Step 3 - Verify if court supervision is an option:. Questions regarding these forms can be directed to [email protected] . Via phone, questions regarding Civil forms can be directed to 630-407-8700 and questions regarding Criminal forms can be directed to 630-407-8600. Standardized State Forms Additional forms are available at State of Illinois Standardized. CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION* : (847) 549-0600. Traffic court supervisions are one way that a driver can be punished for a traffic violation. A.

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