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used 4 ft rotary cutter for sale users are rewarded with up to 12.5% off Caravan Guard touring caravan insurance, folding camper and trailer tent insurance, and 5% off motorhome and. The company claims that by using the new Solid Construction method, their caravans will be strong, light and dry – hence the name. In the 90-second video, the caravan. . Subject: RE: Damp problems in Elddis majestic 175 : Just joined Posts: 19. ... So much for SOLID construction. Most of the moisture readings were increasing with each annual check; I am relieved to have sold it. globebuster: Posted: 22 December 2016 8:32 AM Subject: RE: Damp problems in Elddis majestic 175 :. The Elddis Owners Club would like to offer you a warm and friendly welcome and take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about the benefits of becoming a member. The club was formed in 1973 when 76 Elddis Caravan owners attended an inaugural Rally at Gosforth Park, Newcastle-on-Tyne and formed the aims of the club. Buy Elddis Caravan Accessories and get the best. A page for all Explorer group (elddis, xplore, compass and bucaneer) caravan owners built using the solid construction method from 2013 onwards to share their problems with poor build quality,.

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