Apr 29, 2021 · What did the flower say when her son went off to college? I be-leaf in you. What did the flower say when he saw his date? I think you’re dandy, and I’m not lion! What’s a flower’s favorite band? Guns n’ Roses. What do flowers study in college? STEM. What kind of alcohol do flowers drink? Rosé. What is a flower’s favorite Journey song?. "/>
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Here is a list of flower-related puns you can use to make your own jokes. Pedal - Petal Bad - Bud Anybody - AnyBUDy But - Bud Butt - Bud Guarding - Garden Or kid - Orchid Dandy lion - Dandelion For all - Floral And some puns involve using the same word spelled the same way, but with a double meaning. Here are some examples of those. garden variety. What did the flower say after he told a joke? I was just pollen your leg! Why do flowers always drive so fast? They put the petal to the metal. What do you call flowers who are bffs? Buds. Did you hear about the flower who never bloomed? It was a bud omen. Did you hear about the flower who joined Tinder? He just wants somebudy to love. Here are some yellow flower quotes for Instagram that’ll brighten up your posts. You are the most wonderful friend I could ask for, and I consider myself lucky to have you. You always know how to make me smile, just knowing your in my life makes me truly happy. From the bottom of my heart I love you endlessly. 150 Wedding Instagram Captions and Puns That will Steal your Heart. Once the last frost of winter thaws, and the tiny blades of grass start to shoot up beside the little flower buds, what happens next is obvious: wedding season. All those save-the-dates that you’ve been plastering all over your fridge for the last two years are about to come.

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