This sidevalve‑engined 'Sit‑up‑and‑beg' Ford Prefect has had six owners since 1982, and was, according to the vendor, subject to a nut‑and‑bolt restoration around 2014, which included a fully‑rebuilt engine and full rewire with traditional components.. "/>
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It has a Ford 100E engine extensively modified with a very special cylinder head with conversion to overhead valves on inlets only. This head was made here in England by Willment. Whilst I'm here in UK I'd like to gather as much info about such engines as possible, even buy parts if possible, there must be other similar engined cars here still..

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Description. This lot is no longer available. Ford's Prefect, codenamed the E93A, featured a four-cylinder engine of 1172cc and made its debut in 1938. Both the Prefect and its lower priced Anglia sibling proved incredibly popular in Britain in the years leading up to the outbreak of war and again when production resumed in 1945, with only. Ford E493A Prefect 1952 - Car For Sale - AutoFair Ad 18031 | Auto Insiders | If you're planning on selling a Car like Ford-E493A Prefect online in NZ? Auto Insiders can help you sell your Car quickly and easily. Looking to buy a Car? Find cheap and best Cars & Vans for sale in New Zealand and get the best deals today on Auto Insiders is the largest automobile marketplace in ....

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