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I used a blender to pulverize a ripe avocado, 2 teaspoons baking soda, and ¼ cup of water into a smooth paste, then brought the smoothie-like mixture into the shower with me. Advertisement. Olaplex works on all hair types, if your hair was too damaged to be saved that’s one thing but if it ‘didn’t work’ your hair was likely suffering from dryness on top of damage. With damaged /. Use It Weekly: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin. Instantly tame those flyaways and smooth your dry tresses with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin. This product gives your hair the. Its purpose is to repair bonds in the hair that are broken during chemical processes. It was invented by chemists and patented. It comes as a three-part system, labeled as #1, #2 and #3. The same ingredient is used in each part, with #1 having the highest concentration of the active ingredient and #3 having the lowest. Healthy hair can be bleached again after one week or 10 days, ... Then you’ll have a head of wiry straw that feels brittle, breaks off, ... guard it against the sun. They make sun protection products for hair, too, so use them like they’re going out. Hair prone to breakage may feel frayed or like straw, and these coarse strands can get tangled more easily than hair that still contains sebum, the natural oil in hair. Although hair may become tangled, KidsHealth suggests brushing hair only when it is dry, because hair breaks more easily when it is wet 1. Ok did a patch test waited 2 days nothing was excited, colored my hair hmm no burning washed out, wow very straw like my hair feels like Barbie hair, ... it was great. I have used the burgundy colorant when it bleached too much and didn't give my hair a medium ash tone. I WON'T BUY NATURTINT AGAIN. May 8, 2017. by Pam. My new hairdresser recommended the Bain Thérapiste range, and boy am I glad he did. The shampoo is specifically designed for very damaged, over-processed hair and even after one wash, my hair felt noticeably softer and smoother. And that’s saying a lot when the starting point is hair that feels like straw. Damaged and porous hair loses its strength and structure. Hair lacking protein will stretch and break. Hair lacking moisture will be very strong and will not stretch very much. (Protein strengthens the hair and Moisture lessens the strength or makes hair stretch more) Your hair will need several protein treatments to strengthen the cortex. Got a Balayage in salon on 6.17, my ends were previously bleached over a year ago. At first my hair seemed pretty darn healthy afterwards but the ends got very dry and straw-like after a week. I tried so many highly rated hair masks, leave in conditioners, and I've been using Olaplex 3, 4 and 7 for 4 weeks now. Nothing was helping my ends.

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Pre-pooing definitely helps to soften the hair and add moisture prior to washing. If my hair is really feeling like straw, I find that pre-pooing with heat is even more effective. By the end of wash day your hair will feel amazingly soft and moisturized. 2. Deep Condition. If ever there were a poster kid for deep conditioning, it's me!. Hair that has been over-dyed is often dry and straw-like, with choppy, uneven layers and lack of volume caused by strands that have snapped, which can also make thinning more obvious. Solution:. After bleach has compromised the strength of your hair strands, chlorine can compound the issue and make your hair even weaker. Chlorine can also give bleached hair a brassy blond,. Avoid overexposure to bleach, as doing so can really do a number on your strands’ health. Color-processing can damage your hair, and if your locks are already seriously weakened, hair dye and bleach can lead to breakage, and in severe cases, even irritation and burning of the scalp. Just sayin’. 4. Wash your hair with damage-repairing systems. The proteins in your hair are damaged when your hair feels gummy.The hair feels dry, brittle, and gummy when damaged. Why is bleached hair so dry? Bleach is used to remove color from. The reason why your hair feels like straw is because it is traveling further and further down the porosity scale. This means that the damage level is rising and you’re getting close to losing some hair. Most people get a box and put it on all over the entire strand. Anyway, since bleaching my hair all the work from the past 4 months of the cg method (before bleaching) was wiped out because my hair lost almost all of its wave on the top layer. My hair underneath curls now where my natural colors grown in but everywhere else is a limp frizzy barely there wave. My hair has felt like straw since bleaching.

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