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Kratos es un personaje de videojuegos de la serie God of War de Santa Monica Studio, que se basó en la mitología griega, antes de pasar a la mitología nórdica.También conocido como el. As revealed in 2007’s God of War 2 and the 2010 PlayStation Portable entry God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kratos was born in the Greek city-state of Sparta, the demigod spawn of one of Zeus.

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Not to mention every electrical attack Kratos has besides Zeus' Fury is practically AoE-sized even in Kratos' base size, ignoring the scale increase through Pandora's Box. SuperLuigi one hyperbeam would incinerate the hydra. it has no durability. NemeBro Originally posted by MooCowofJustice. Ringmaster: Kratos is the god of war and son of Zeus , he has killed almost every Greek god ever , even his farther Zeus , he has a son and has multiple weapons in his pocket , including axes , hook shots and his strongest weapon , the blades of Olympus,But for this battle he will be given all of the weapons he obtains in canon. God of War 2 - Zeus Kills Kratos (Zeus Betrayal Cutscene) 12,120,318 views Apr 24, 2018 God of War 2 Zeus Betrays Kratos and sends him to hell, kratos escapes from hell. ...more ...more.

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