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In addition, some target types will require corrections for the color, magnitude, and/or proper motion selection. Schlesinger et al. 2012 investigated these biases for cool dwarf stars in the SEGUE sample. This value-added catalog explains a technique to constrain and account for the observational biases in SEGUE.

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Color Only – The transparency affects only the RGB channel of the final render. Color+alpha – The material transmits the alpha of the refracted objects instead of displaying an opaque alpha. Note that currently, this works only with clear (non-glossy) refractions. The i - z color of the discovered quasar places it outside the color selection criteria for existing optical surveys. We conclude by discussing the need for deeper wide-area radio surveys in the context of high-redshift quasars. ... Our method allows for selection of high-redshift quasars with less color bias than with optical selection, as.

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