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Description Nc Limited Driving Privilege Form Order to Surrender License or Limited Driving Privilege: This is an official form from the North Carolina Administration of the Courts (AOC), which complies with all applicable laws and statutes. USLF amends and updates the forms as is required by North Carolina statutes and law. npdb regulations define a voluntary surrender of a license or certification as "a surrender made after a notification of investigation or a formal official request by a federal or state licensing or certification authority for a health care practitioner, health care entity, provider, or supplier to surrender the license or certification. License No. 16872)))) VOLUNTARY SURRENDER OF LICENSE FOR CAUSE Krystal Prince-Yateswas issued license number 16872 by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy on July 1,2003, such license being active until December 31, 2011. Ms. Krystal Prince-Yatesadmits that while working as a licensed pharmacist with Han-is. You are aware that voluntary surrender is like an admission of guilt and state A will send the information regarding being reported to the BoN to state B. If you knew you were. ORDER TO SURRENDER LICENSE OR LIMITED DRIVING PRIVILEGE G.S. 20-16.1, 20-17.8, 20-20.1, 20-179.3 ... named person is prohibited from operating a motor vehicle on the highways of North Carolina until the case is resolved and the person is authorized to drive by the Division of Motor Vehicles. AOC-CR-341, Rev. 12/07. SURRENDER OF A DRIVER LICENSE OR IDENTIFICATION CARD DMV USE ONLY Doubled From To Information about the document being cancelled or surrendered Name oF persoN as showN.

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