Mar 05, 2022 · 3.5L V6 2WD AUTOMATIC 202,014 MILES While getting the timing belt changed the dealer said they found a small oil leak around the VTEC spool valve and it's dripping onto the alternator. They quoted an extra $775.00 to fix it. They said they have seen these types of leaks ruin the alternator eventually.. "/>
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If so, it could be the VTEC solenoid gasket that’s leaking. In this video I show you how to remove and replace the VTEC solenoid gasket on a 2009 Accord with a K24 (2.4L) engine. its either the vtec solenoid or the oil pressure switch. My car will hit vtec and run in normal mode.. but after that 5 minutes it goes into limp mode.. and I think this is because of. A rocket arm actuator system is a switch that controls the flow and pressure of oil in the engine and it also consists of oil passages. The oil control valve is a solenoid for the iVLC (intake valve lift control ) system. The code will set at idle to 2500 RPM if the reference voltage is not grounded. Feb 14, 2019 · P17D4.00 Valve 3 in Transmission Part 1. Mechanical Malfunction.After sorting out the selector issue the car drove off OK and went up through the gears , but when the transmission got up to temperature 65 C + the amber transmission alarm signaled on the display and dropped back down to 2nd gear, as it had done pre repair.

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Honda Solenoid Identification Guide . Vehicle Years Solenoids ID Guide Page Catalog Page 2.2CL 1996-97 All 7 440 2.3CL 1998-99 All 3 427 2.5TL 1995-98 All 10 458 3.0CL 1996-99 All 4 432 3.2TL 1996-98 All 9 452 3.2TL 1999 All 4 432 3.2TL 2000-03 (4 Speed) All 4 432 3.2TL 2000-03 (5 Speed) Linear Solenoids 11 460. vtec solenoid gasket leak. flagship marine engine parts; vtec solenoid gasket leak; 05 Oct 22-vtec solenoid gasket leak ....

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