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If a guy is texting you that late at night and using full sentences (aka not a drunken "u up? cme thru" text) then it probably means he's at least a little bit interested in you. Or his XBOX is on the fritz. Who knows? Men are an enigma. But it probably means he's interested in you, especially if he's not a big texter otherwise. What Is An Exes Motivation For Sending A “Check Up” Text Message. As I stated above, generally the reason for why an ex would send you a “check up” message is due to the fact that he doesn’t like being ignored. However, I would like to aim a bit deeper and understand why he doesn’t like being ignored. It’s 6:52 AM, and you’re still in bed, scrolling through your phone when you see he texted you good morning. Your heart starts to race as you read his message, “Good morning,. Why Guys Text First And Then Ignore You. There is not one blanket reason why a guy might text you first and then ignore you, and if this happens then you could just ask him.

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6. He doesn't like you. The fact is, when a guy likes you, he's in it. He's there. He texts and calls and he shows up. When a guy is confusing and some days he's super into you and the next he's nowhere to be found, it's a strong sign he just doesn't like you enough. Oct 05, 2022 · it was 5AM and you were field goal kicking solo cups into the sink ... Dude just saw some some guy puke out of a car window on the highway going to school ....

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